Your smartphone's camera is convenient, but for life's more memorable moments it can't compete with a dedicated camera. Holidays, christenings, weddings, family parties are such moments. You can do better.

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Smartphones have triggered a huge surge in digital snapping with hundreds if not thousands of pictures becoming trapped in your smartphone until they are lost when you break it or upgrade. There's rarely a day trip, night out or fried breakfast that goes undocumented, but more doesn't always mean better as these pictures end up in a digital 'black hole'. If you've ever been disappointed by blurry or grainy smartphone photos, it's time to consider something more capable.

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Your Smartphone is certainly sophisticated but the camera is held back by their slim profiles and pinhead-sized lenses. Here is an example, animals with big eyes see better in poor light, and the same is true of cameras. Dedicated cameras also include an optical zoom, which resizes the image before it hits the sensor. That's far more effective than smartphones' digital zooms, which try to add extra detail by mere guesswork.

Dedicated cameras have improved massively. A 1inch sensor in a CSC -Compact System Camera - has a surface area nine times the surface area of an iPhone's sensor and a wide-aperture lens.

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So why should you buy yourself a camera? The increased sensor and aperture size allows the camera to capture more light and measure it more accurately. This gives purer colours with less grain, especially when shooting in low light or capturing fast-moving subjects. Another major benefit is a shallow depth of field, blurring the background to give an ethereal quality to portrait shots. The overall result is image quality on a par with an SLR, and way beyond anything we’ve seen from smartphones.

For a truly immersive photographic experience, a Mirrorless CSC like the Panasonic LUMIX GX80 or Pentax K-S2 Digital SLR is the way to go. It's not just a matter of superior image quality. The sculpted ergonomic design, elegant controls and large optical viewfinder* put you in the creative driving seat. Whereas a smartphone captures a moment, a CSC / Digital SLR helps you create a work of art.

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Another major attraction of CSC / DSLRs is the ability to enhance them with lenses and flashguns. Attaching a specialist lens to a CSC or DSLR delivers yet another leap in quality. There are lenses that specialize in telephoto, wide-angle, macro and wide-aperture photography. Prime lenses forego a zoom function to deliver an extremely wide-aperture, capturing enough light for stunning image quality in the gloomiest of settings.

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Treasure your special moments and capture an image to allow you to create something - maybe a canvas enlargement - that you can enjoy forever.

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